The Latest in Area Rug Design

Often times an interior designer with build the room around an area rug, area rugs provide an element of comfort, they can make a statement and they are also functional.  Every year the New York International Carpet Show brings together the best rug designers in the world to showcase their new designs.  What is the latest in area rug design?  Let’s see what you can expect to find in homes in the upcoming season.  Here is a look at the variety of rugs from the 2016 show.

Versatile Area Rugs

One of the things that designers have been striving for in the past couple of years is versatility.  They are trying to create the perfect rug that can work with just about any style, whether you have a contemporary home or something more traditional.  The rugs have simple colors and patterns that can survive any redecorating scheme you decide to take.  They are creating rugs that will last the tests of time and style.

More Subtle Color Scheme

Color is a crucial part of design and this year designers are going for a much more subtle look.  That allows you to play up other elements in the space and the warm tones can bring together a neutral space.  Subtle colors also work better with any type of design scheme that you are currently using.  However, don’t think that this year’s rugs are boring by any means.

Detailed Patterns and Designs

Geometric patterns in area rugs are still hugely popular but artisans are getting inspiration from all over.  They are experimenting with material as well as color, in contemporary rugs you will find not only silk from China but also wool from Tibet to create truly inspiring masterpieces.  Rugs may only feature one or two colors you may find thirty shades or more of that color.  The dyes that are used in hand made rugs are natural and environmentally friendly.

Customizable for Size and Pattern

Many rug designers are simply letting the customer decide, that way they create an exclusive and one of a kind design that is perfect for the client.  This rugs won’t come cheap and it is nothing like picking out an area rug at home depot.  The designer will work with you to create a design that is ideal for your space and in the right dimension.

If you haven’t been to the New York International Carpet Show then you don’t know what you are missing.  As a designer it has all you need to find the latest and most unique designs to satisfy even the most discerning client.

Southwest Area Rug Designs

southwest rug

Being an interior design major has taught me so much more than I could have ever imagined about décor and why it matters so greatly. I really started to notice its immense impact whenever I moved away to college. I wanted not only my room but my entire apartment to feel a certain way and I started to question why. I easily realized that it is because our environment largely impacts the human psyche. I feel energized by interior design and certain styles have the ability to just really inspire me. Lately, southwest style home decorations have been really inspiring. I’ve been spending hours browsing southwest rug designs online. Here are a few of my favorites and a little more about me:

When I moved into a new apartment I changed my décor to make my room feel the way I wanted it to. I strongly believe that the home is where décor has the largest impact. It is where humans spend so much of their time and where they go to relax and sleep and host friends and family when they aren’t at work or out and about during the day. It is meant to be an oasis for recharging human minds and bodies. When my room is decorated the way I want, I sleep better, am more motivated to do homework and study, and honestly eat better and exercise more.

My Favorite Southwest Style Area Rug Designs

There is some type of accomplished and refueling feeling that comes with a space being decorated in the appropriate way. Whenever I go home to my parent’s house it is a completely different story. Although the décor is okay, it does not maximize the positive impact it could have. I sleep later, feel less motivated, and also eat more unhealthy foods when I am home and I truly believe that the environment influences that greatly.

southwestern area rug

Décor’s largest impact on my life has been its influence to a healthier lifestyle. I think that people take décor for granted and lack in seeing the impacts it can have. But becoming more aware of my surroundings due to my design classes and learning about residential spaces has really taught me the importance and healthy impacts of successful décor.